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Bowerman's Nose

Bowerman the Hunter and his pack of hounds feature in one of Dartmoor's best known legends - and a well known landmark

Bowerman's Nose - photo by Rob Hutchinson
Bowerman's Nose - photo by Rob Hutchinson (

Bowerman the Hunter was a tall man with the strength of ten, kind and jovial he had the strongest pack of hounds on Dartmoor. Late one autumn evening Bowerman was out hunting with his hounds and a hare bolted leading them on a chase across the moor and eventually through the midst of a coven of witches overturning their cauldron and disrupting their ceremony. Enraged by his intrusion the hags cursed Bowerman and his hounds turning them to stone. Today you can see the distinctive Bowerman and his hounds near to Hound Tor. It is said that on dark, misty nights Bowerman and his hounds come back to life and may be heard chasing their quarry over Hayne Down.

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